October 02, 2005

The Dozens: 12 Things I Think Today


1) Sour candy is the most successful cuisine hoax in the history of the world.

2) That Fallout Boy single is perfectly good, and then some.

3) Fiona Apple should stop embracing her inner Kurt Weill; Calvin Klein kiddieporn pop was, alas, v v better.

4) PS: Kurt Weill, one of the most destructive forces on pop songwriting?

5) Have I mentioned the Freelance Hellraiser remix of "English Summer Rain"?

6) Have I mentioned how distraught I am about "Galang" as soundtrack for a Honda commercial?

7) Fiona's "Shadowboxer" vs. Andy Gibb's "Shadow Dancin'": a fair fight.

8) Animal crackers vs. Animal Collective: not.

9) That one sentence of Kanye West is remarkable not just for its irreducible truth, but because it has exactly what's lacking in every second of his two records: conviction. I mean, of any kind: even Snoop has the passionate conviction that, say, smoking herb is really great, or that it's superb to stay casual.

10) Natasha Bedingfield: climbing my album-of-the-year list.

11) Can someone explain to me the valence of the phrase "all you maggot-smoking fags on Santa Monica Boulevard" in that System of a Down song "Lost In Hollywood"?

12) Does anyone else think that the two running blogs in the Village Voice music section are, whatever their particular merits, basically an economizing scam for management?

Just wondering,


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